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What About Dementia & Socialization

April 22, 2023
According to the CDC, the strongest risk factor for dementia is age, as the majority of cases affect people who are over 65. But more obscure risk factors have been explored as of late—including not brushing your teeth and snoring at night. Now, researchers have identified a significant link between dementia risk and the way people behave in social situations.
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If Inheritances are Unequal

April 20, 2023
Robert, the older brother, and Lon, the younger one, were close as they were growing up in the Queens borough of New York City. However, when their mother passed away and left the bulk of her estate to Robert, Lon was devastated.
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Where to Store an Estate Plan

April 18, 2023
Safeguarding legal documents and providing access to this information is a big consideration in your caregiving plan.
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How to Create an Estate Plan

April 17, 2023
The misconception that estate plans are only for wealthy individuals often prevents people from putting a plan in place. However, having an estate plan is beneficial for anyone.
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Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

April 9, 2023
Estate planning involves organizing and managing the distribution of a person’s assets and property after death. Planning ahead of time can help ensure the distribution of your assets and property according to your wishes.
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Problems Without a Will

April 8, 2023
People who have had a serious case of COVID-19 are 66% more likely to engage in estate planning, and 32% of adults under 35 said they wrote a will because of the pandemic.
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Why are Trusts a Good Idea?

April 7, 2023
Whether you are trying to protect your assets from possible creditors, prevent young heirs from spending their inheritance or minimize estate taxes, there is likely a trust for you.
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What to Do to Live Longer

April 6, 2023
How long do you want to live?
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Will I Live Longer ...?

April 2, 2023
Even short bouts of physical activity in an otherwise sedentary lifestyle were associated with a significantly lower risk for dying, researchers reported.
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What Is a Beneficiary?

April 1, 2023
When an individual purchases an annuity, they name one or more beneficiaries who will receive the benefits if something happens to them before the contract ends. This could be due to death, disability, or another event that would cause the individual to no longer need their income from the annuity.  The ultimate beneficiary of an annuity is the individual receiving the payments. However, there can also be additional beneficiaries.
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