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Problems Created by Adding Adult Children as Joint Owners

January 26, 2024
You’ve likely heard your friends or family—or even the bank teller, at times—counsel you to add an adult child to your bank account.
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Revocable Living Trust can Help with Planning for Incapacity

January 25, 2024
While physical disabilities may not impact a client’s ability to manage their own assets, mental illnesses and age-related cognitive impairment can eventually lead to incapacitation and the inability to manage their own assets.
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Can You Amend a Will or a Trust?

January 24, 2024
Wills and trusts are typically changed over time as life circumstances, the state where you reside, or your desired outcomes change.
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Don’t Make These Estate Planning Mistakes

January 23, 2024
It can be difficult to put a value on a lifetime of accumulation—your money, your home, its furnishings, souvenirs from vacations and treasured gifts from your family. It’s a joy to collect these items over the years. However, too few consider what will happen to it all when they’re no longer around.
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Advance Directives and Importance of Advance Care Planning

January 22, 2024
Navigating the world of medical decisions, especially end-of-life care, can be challenging. The term advance directive holds immense importance in this domain. This article delves into the concept of advance care planning and the significance of advance directive forms. What Is an Advance Directive? An advance directive is a legal document expressing your wishes regarding the care you want in case you cannot make decisions for yourself. Advance directives are legal documents that ensure that health care professionals and loved ones know your preferences about medical treatment should you become incapacitated. Why Should You Make an Advance Directive? An advance…
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Can I Prevent Children from Fighting over my Estate?

January 20, 2024
Parents typically do not want their surviving children to fight over their inheritances after the parents die. Careful planning may reduce the risk of foreseeable in-family conflicts.
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Do Heirs Pay Credit Card Debt?

January 19, 2024
It's a morbid yet common worry: What happens to credit card debt when you die?
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Why You Should Put Your House in a Trust

January 18, 2024
Putting a home into a trust has several benefits, from avoiding the lengthy probate process to providing potential tax advantages. This article discusses some of the intricacies of trusts and the importance of consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney. What Is a Trust and Why Is It Important? A trust is a legal arrangement where one person (the grantor) transfers ownership of their assets, like a house, to a trustee. The trustee holds and manages these assets on behalf of the named beneficiaries. One main benefit of putting property in a trust is to avoid probate, which can be…
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How Does a Pour-Over Will Work?

January 17, 2024
For those who want to avoid the court-controlled process that takes place after a person’s death (known as “probate”)—using a Revocable Living Trust is typically the best way to do so.
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Florida Guardianship Case Raises Red Flag for Estate Planning

January 16, 2024
Many older people are one medical emergency away from a court-appointed guardian taking control of their lives.
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