Will Massage Help Lower High Blood Pressure?

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POSTED ON: November 5, 2023

WILL MASSAGE HELP LOWER HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Some research suggests that getting a massage may help calm the part of the nervous system responsible for involuntary responses to dangerous or stressful situations (the sympathetic nervous system).

VeryWell Health’s recent article, “How Massage May Help Lower High Blood Pressure,” acknowledges that while there hasn’t been much research on massage and blood pressure, some evidence shows that adding massage to your stress management routine could help you keep your blood pressure in check.

This article will go over what scientific evidence says about massage and hypertension. Studies have suggested that different forms of massage could help lower blood pressure. However, the findings don't always agree. It's also unclear how long the effects last and whether massage would be a long-term strategy for helping someone manage their blood pressure.

Most of the research on massage and blood pressure only examined the effects in the short term. As a result, it’s unknown how long the benefits of a massage on blood pressure will last for most people.

A 2018 trial of a small number of women with pre-hypertension found that the blood-pressure-lowering effects of a 10–15-minute massage sometimes lasted about 72 hours after the massage. However, those effects didn't seem to last when the researchers reviewed the blood pressure readings of the participants two weeks later.


Therefore, while the positive effects of massage on blood pressure might be seen quickly, they may also go away just as fast.

However, it’s important to know that some forms of massage—like sports massage or "trigger point" release—might actually raise blood pressure.

Reflexology, another complementary health practice that involves applying pressure to different parts of the body, has also been shown to raise blood pressure in healthy people. However, these types of massage tend to cause more discomfort than gentler methods. If people feel pain during these massages, that could be why their blood pressure increases.

Whether you take medication for blood pressure or not, other lifestyle changes can help you control your blood pressure. This includes eating a heart-healthy diet, getting regular exercise, quitting cigarettes, cutting back on salt and alcohol and maintaining a weight that's healthiest for your body.

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Reference: VeryWell Health (March 1, 2022 ) “How Massage May Help Lower High Blood Pressure”

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